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Octane Magazine has a great story in their new November issue on the Ballot 3/8 LC. You won’t want to miss it!



1920 Grand Prix Winner under the Top 10 Faves from the 2019 Hampton Court Concours of Elegance!



“Ballot” Book review by Pete Vack

“It’s a huge work, with much new inforamtion, and in our three reports, we have barley scratched the surface. In This report we will describe the Ballot 2LS from Volume 1, and describe the scope of Volume 2.”





Ballot’s Legacy…not what you think

Read the full Ballot Discussion Part 2 from, by Pete Vack.




The first extraordinary car has been confirmed for this year’s Concours of Elegance: a Ballot 3/8 LC famous for winning the first ever Italian Grand Prix in 1921.

Concours of Elegance managing director Andrew Evans said: “Having this incredible Ballot 3/8 LC—the very car that claimed victory at the 1921 Italian Grand Prix, no less—at the Concours of Elegance is a wonderful privilege.”

“Ballot” Book Review by Pete Vack

Thank you for the review of “Ballot Book” by Daniel Cabart and Gautam Sen! The book is NOW AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE! Get your copy.

Observer, July 2019

100th Anniversary of Ballot at Chantilly

A rare sight to see a number of road and racing Ballot cars that were present for the Ballot class at the Chantilly concours event held recently. On this special occasion, there was a celebration of  the 100th anniversary of Ballot and the promotion of the newly launched book “BALLOT” by Dalton Watson.
List of Ballot cars present at Chantilly:
Ballot 3/8 LC Grand Prix 1920, Ballot 2LT/TS Scaphandrier 1924, Ballot 5/8LC Indianapolis 1919, Ballot 2LS course 1922, Ballot RH3 coupé aerosport 1932, Ballot 2LT torpedo sport 1924. Read the full article by VeloceToday with some gorgeous photos by Hugues Vanhoolandt.

“Ballot over almost 1000 pages”

“It is rare to see such extensive documentation on cars, which are all over 85 years old today.” Thank you to for a stellar review!

Review by Serge Cordey in Classic & Sports Car (FR)

Two large volumes, 920 pages, a huge quantity of images… Who would have thought that Ballot could be the genesis of a work of such magnitude? “Ballot is an unfairly underrated brand,” says Gautam Sen, co-author. “It played an important role in the 1920s, and the Ballot engines have influenced many manufacturers.”


Review by classic & sports car

Thank you classic & sports car for the review of “Ballot” by Daniel Cabart and Gautam Sen! The book is NOW AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE! Get your copy.

Ballot 3/8 LC

The history of an era-defining car

When visitors stop by they linger in front of the car for a few seconds. An original poster from when the vehicle was first launched is on display next to it, though it has faded over the years. The Ballot 3/8 LC is closely associated with Italy’s history – its owner, Alexander Schaufler, proudly tells us “the car in front of you right now competed in and won the first Gran Premio d’Italia in 1921”… get the full insights including video at

Oldtimermarkt, June 2018

Rétroviseur, numero 338 Nov. 2017

Testimonials Quotes

“Thank you so much for the lovely book on Ballot. An opportunity to discover an important brand and fascinating stories.”

Piero Mancardi Owner of Touring/Supperleggera

“What a fantastic job you did with Gautam and Daniel. I am very happy that Retromobile was somewhere the beginning of this adventure.”

Francois Melcion Director of Retromobile

“I think it’s a HUGE good work!”

Rafael Pueche The Spanish Historic Car Specialist

“I have only just had the chance to sit down and enjoy it for a few minutes…that became an hour! What a splendid production and the quality of the period photos and the amount of work that has gone into it is literally amazing”

Peter Bradfield Specialist in selling classic, sports & racing cars

“It is truly a magnificent and very well documented work, the type we need so badly to keep protecting, preserving and promoting world motoring heritage. Coup de chapeau to the writers too!”

Patrick Rollet President of FIVA

“Huge congratulations to all who were involved – it’s a true masterpiece! The quality of the images and incredibly detailed research is really amazing!”

Jonathan Procter Expert Classic Cars

You have done what none others have done—you’ve combined the facts, the history, the essence of the Ballot marque AND you’ve published countless photographs, probably many never seen before, to literally illustrate the facts as written. It’s a jewel of a publication, and I congratulate you on not only its content, but the quality.

Diane Brandon Rolls-Royce and Bentley Specialist